When selecting products vegans are specifically interested in knowing if the products contain animal products, were tested on animals, and whether or not they contain harmful ingredients. Two questions I often get asked are: “Is it true that all cruelty-free skincare companies are safe?” and “Vegan skincare lines do not any contain harmful ingredients, right?” … Continue reading "Personal Skincare Products and The Conscious Consumer"
Stressed? Just because you are having dinner with a vegan? Trust me, vegans eat. It really isn’t that difficult if you just follow a few easy guidelines. If it comes from something that had a mouth and eyes, vegans won’t eat it. If it is a byproduct that comes from an animal, vegans will avoid … Continue reading "So You Are Having Dinner With a Vegan!"

I love the colors in this recipe and the flavors all harmoniously meld together.

When cleaning out your Portobello mushrooms, remove the stem by gently turning it and carefully remove the black gills using a spoon. Be gentle because the mushroom can easily break apart. You can reserve the stems and use them in soups or stocks but may want to discard after cooking and before eating because they are somewhat chewy…and not in a good way.



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