I’m from New York and did not have the tradition of eating black eyed peas on New Year’s Day. My husband, however, is from the South and he loves him some for good luck on January 1st.

I totally forgot to pick some up at the store earlier in the week and was shocked that the shelves in 2 different stores were wiped clean. My husband went to a 3rd store and found 1 can. I was just about to add them to the recipe below when I realized they were “Southern Style” which translates to lots of seasonings and bacon fat! YUCK!

I decided to use Cannellini Beans instead and guess what…these burgers turned out fantastic!


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For the New Year, I invite you to read through these tidbits and perhaps incorporate one, if not many, into the next 365 days and beyond! Wishing You Good Health and Steps Towards A Better Planet. Happy 2017! Stinky Feet! Did you realize one of the ways to a healthier home is simple? Just by … Continue reading "Ideas for a Sparkling Fresh New Year"

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