Ideas for a Sparkling Fresh New Year

For the New Year, I invite you to read through these tidbits and perhaps incorporate one, if not many, into the next 365 days and beyond!

Wishing You Good Health and Steps Towards A Better Planet. Happy 2017!

Stinky Feet!

Did you realize one of the ways to a healthier home is simple? Just by taking your shoes off and leaving them at the door  helps keep dirt, dust and even E. coli off your floors.



To Bleach or Not to Bleach?

Let’s face it, bleach can really kill germs on contact but did you know it can also irritate the lungs which, in turn, make you vulnerable to breathing problems and even the flu?

My advice, use it sparingly and pick up some natural cleaning solutions or make your own. Think easy and on-hand ingredients including lemon, vinegar, baking soda and even vodka.

Here are some easy to make DIY solutions compliments of


Showering with Germs?

Yep, your shower head can be a breeding ground for a  bacterial bug which can cause excessive coughing, wheezing and even shortness of breath. The solution: Fill a plastic bag or pail with white vinegar and attach it to the shower head using a zip-tie, rope or large rubber band.

Let sit for a few hours, remove bag and  and flush with water.


Wash that Dish Towel

In an effort to cut down on the use of paper towels, many of us opt to use a kitchen dish towel but beware because it can collect so many germs and bacteria. Always toss into the washing machine after using!



Too Much Moisture is Best Left in the Amazon

Air conditioners are great at keeping indoor temperatures at a tolerable level during extreme heat and they are also great at lowering humidity. Make sure your home is as humidity free as possible to help keep germs from populating. A good option is to invest in a dehumidifier for cleaner air, year-round.



Train Your Brain

Ditch the mindless gossip feeds and pick up a new task. Anything from putting together a model airplane, learning a new language or using your non-dominant hand to perform everyday functions are all great mind stimulating activities.


Save Water…The Planet Will Thank You

It is vital to understand that the world is breaking down due to the impact of global warming. The facts remain that eating a diet comprised of meat and dairy versus a vegan diet consumes over twice the amount of water. Not ready to take the vegan plunge? Try limiting meat/dairy consumption to 2x a week.



I realize that everyone that happens upon this site, or is an avid regular, does not live a vegan lifestyle. However, it is my hope that can become a place to gather some knowledge and make positive changes along the way.

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