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In all honesty, I never really liked the taste of meat. I do, however, and always have, loved the taste of condiments. I used to smother my meats with ketchup, mustard, mayo, dressing, pickle relish…o.k. you get the picture…anything to disguise the actual taste. When I went to college I gradually started to eliminate meat from my diet and was shocked to realize I did not miss it.

Through the years I still ate dairy and fish until one night, when I was having one of my non-ending inability to clear my throat, my vegan son suggested I give up dairy and fish for a few weeks to see if it made any difference. Always the one for a challenge (and to possibly prove someone wrong) I did what he suggested and you know what????? In a matter of days, I stopped clearing my throat.


I am going to be honest with you, I missed dairy but whenever I slipped and tried to indulge in a little brie, the outcome was always the same. So, I started to do some research which led me to a totally vegan lifestyle…or should I say plant-based diet. I still held onto my leather shoes and handbags but the more I read and researched about what these innocent animals were subjected to for me to have something so ridiculously selfish I knew I had no choice but to become vegan.

I am not perfect. I never have been and never will be but I am so pleased with where my journey has brought me in the past decade.  The vegan lifestyle is not for everyone but it is my hope that I can help people change their everyday habits…even one day of not eating meat can help to make a huge difference.

I have been vegetarian for most of my adult life and vegan for nearly a decade. My husband, by default, has adapted his lifestyle to follow a mostly plant-based diet and, in the process, virtually eliminated some major health conditions.13266718_884233168348906_1779756158_n

OK, a bit about my other lives. I am a mother and grandmother. And, professionally, I am a publicist and writer. I began my career in NYC after graduating from FIT. I worked with a lot of the big name beauty companies doing their PR and also compiling catalogs for major retailers including Nordstroms and Bloomingdales. I was recruited by The Walt Disney Company and moved to Florida to be a copywriter. It was there that I met my husband, who also worked for the mouse.

We moved to Japan for 3 years and both worked for Tokyo Disneyland. When we repatriated to the USA our careers brought us to Southern California where we still reside.

My husband and I started our own company, Quintessence Marketing and Quintl where we have, for many years, traveled the world servicing clients in marketing, public relations, external relations and brand identity.

12145048_955975701135011_1695218303_nFamily is my foundation and I am lucky to have an amazing array of both lovelies and crazies that all contribute to my everyday happiness and zest for life.

I enjoy sharing my original recipes, DIY projects, views, information and ideas on how I chose to live a harmonious life.

I am always learning and trying to grow on this amazing journey and hope that my site can offer something to feed you, both literally and figuratively.


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Hi, I'm Roxanne.

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My family heritage is Italian and French so needless to say, I love preparing meals for family, friends and anyone with an appetite and the openness to try something new.

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