This is an article that is extremely important to me. I was vegetarian for most of my life before giving up dairy. The more research I uncovered and the more informed I became, I realized that I had no choice but to say “no” to milk, cheese and all dairy. Let’s start at the beginning…when … Continue reading "Got Milk? Hopefully It’s Non-Dairy!"
For the New Year, I invite you to read through these tidbits and perhaps incorporate one, if not many, into the next 365 days and beyond! Wishing You Good Health and Steps Towards A Better Planet. Happy 2017! Stinky Feet! Did you realize one of the ways to a healthier home is simple? Just by … Continue reading "Ideas for a Sparkling Fresh New Year"
Stressed? Just because you are having dinner with a vegan? Trust me, vegans eat. It really isn’t that difficult if you just follow a few easy guidelines. If it comes from something that had a mouth and eyes, vegans won’t eat it. If it is a byproduct that comes from an animal, vegans will avoid … Continue reading "So You Are Having Dinner With a Vegan!"

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