So You Have A Vegan on Your Holiday Shopping List!

Somehow you ended up with a vegan on your holiday gift buying list. How could this have happened?

“Oh No” you cry!

worried man on whiteRelax, buying for a vegan can be as easy, and in most cases, easier than buying for Uncle Frank!

There are a few simple rules to follow when carnivores go shopping for herbivores.

Don’t Buy Anything with Pearls. If you wonder why, click on this article.

Absolutely, Positively Avoid Fur (unless it is attached to a new puppy or cat you rescued from a shelter).

Stay away from wool, even 5% wool can bring a frown to a vegan’s face.

Honey is also a definite no. Even if you find cookies made with non-dairy ingredients, if they have honey in them, your friendly vegan pal will politely say “no thank you”.

meatandcheeseObviously meat and cheese platters from Hickory Farms are not a good choice.

Avoid anything that has leather…this means purses, wallets, jackets, vests, shoes, boots, belts, leather-bound books, portfolios, briefcases, cell phone accessories and even car seat interiors. (If you are really going to buy a new car for your vegan friend, please add me to your list…just go with the cloth seat option).

If you are thinking that your vegan friend would like you to book a session to swim with a dolphin, please don’t and also check out this link.

Confined pets such as birds in cages or fish in tanks are not vegan friendly!

OK, help is here! These are some great, vegan-friendly items and sites that will bring a smile to any vegan’s face.

  • This site has just about everything there is to buy for a vegan, both edible and wearable:
  • Perhaps your vegan likes to toast with a glass of incredible vegan (yes, there is such a thing) wine. Check out: glass-of-wine-1463664992gvw
  • If you are looking for some straight-from-the-runway vegan/ethical clothes, head over to
  • For some fun and quirky stocking stuffers, Crazy Cat Lady has some all natural, non-toxic vegan products.
  • What woman doesn’t love some new shoes? Look no further than for an absolutely must have collection of footwear.
  • And if makeup is always a win, check out Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics or a new brand that I was recently introduced to,  that has lipstick without yucky carmine (yep, ground beetles) in it.
  • There are a lot of options for both guys and girls in a variety of price ranges at
  • If you like giving gift cards to a company that puts thought and consideration into everything they sell consider
  • For lots of options from a large amount of vegan manufacturers check out
  • There are also a lot of great reads out there geared towards vegans, everything from vegan diets for marathon runners to making cupcakes cruelty-free. The list on has some good options.
  • The new book, The Sustainability Secret by the duo behind the Cowspiracy documentary, is an informative read, for vegans and non-vegans alike.


I would like to close in thanking my non-vegan son for the inspiration to put together this article. I believe shopping for his vegan mom and his vegan brother will be so much easier this year!

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