Sassy Citrus Sugar Scrub

Gently removes dead, dry skin and encourages new cell growth. A small amount massaged into dry areas daily or a few times a week. Simply scoop a small amount into hands, and massage into trouble spots. Rinse well with warm water. Make sure to keep water out of the jar as it will effect the composition of the scrub.

Roxanne Holland

By day, I work as a PR Specialist and Content Writer.

In my spare time, I make Artisinal Beauty Products and Vegan Food. With everything I do, I seek to embody the words "I Love You".

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  1. Shanna L.

    I cannot say enough good things about this scrub. I received it along with some soaps as a gift and was expecting something similar to the lemon-sugar scrubs I’d quickly DIY’d years ago…nope! This smells SO GOOD, and it left my skin feeling and looking incredibly soft and lustrous each time I used it. (Not to mention that the container is super cute and sustainable—double plus!) When I started nearing the bottom of the jar, I’d use it for special occasions to treat myself.
    I especially appreciate that beyond being vegan, the ingredients are actually nourishing (I’ve put down countless personal care products because of questionable ingredients). It’s so nice to have found products that I can feel good about purchasing for myself and for others. If you’re reading this, Roxanne, thank you so much for understanding the need for this and crafting genuinely wholesome, feel-good, smell-good, and taste-good (that last one was an accident, but a surprisingly pleasant one ;-)) products—your intention and commitment really come through (in both senses of the phrase) and I can’t wait to try other VegInOC creations :-).

    • mm

      Roxanne Holland

      Ahhhh…thanks so very much Shanna! I appreciate the love. I experimented with harmless sunscreen last weekend and am going to have it tested soon. If it works to my satisfaction I am going to have it up in the store in a few weeks. xoxo

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