Hay fever season is back…complete with runny nose, scratchy throat, red eyes, itchy-all-over feeling and incessant sneezing. What causes these reactions, and is there anything, besides taking a ton of antihistamines, that you can do to help get you through this time of year? First, many people understand that you take antihistamines to combat allergies … Continue reading "ACHOO! Some Informative Tips on Histamines and What You Can Do To Make Allergy Season a Little Less Uncomfortable"
I was recently at a community park here in Orange County, California and noticed a few different families come across a highway of ants traveling back and forth in a crack between the sidewalk squares. There were a few different reactions, but for the most part these two examples sum up the dichotomy in how … Continue reading "Ants on Parade"
I remember attending a conference about a decade ago and I was seated next to a representative from The Humane Society. There was a raffle and out of several thousand people her number was selected to receive an all-expense paid, first class vacation for 2 to a resort in the Caribbean. WOW! Seated so close … Continue reading "Dolphins Are Dying to Please You"

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